Great 5K Runs from the Cornell Campus


Because I teach the Jogging Tours physical education class at Cornell, I’ve developed several 5K runs that depart from the east side of Barton Hall on central campus. These runs introduce the available trails, show off the most beautiful spots on campus, and keep it fun by avoiding the worst of the hills. Here, then, are the routes! Continue reading “Great 5K Runs from the Cornell Campus”

Racing the Skunk Cabbage Classic 2018

I’ve written hundreds, maybe thousands, of articles, but I’ve never written a race report until today, so we’ll see how it goes. It’s been fun reading some of the other race reports, which I’ll link to below, because of the different perspectives. For me, this race is about as familiar as it gets — it is laid out on roads where I run several times each week. I definitely have the home court advantage. Continue reading “Racing the Skunk Cabbage Classic 2018”

How I Shredded Hundreds of Documents but Still Did Not Tame the Beast

Does email matter? And should garlical be a word?

A focus of 2018 has been an overdue clean-out of my filing cabinet. Overlapping and overstuffed folders have been rationalized and largely recycled—or burned! Important archival records for the Take Control Books series that TidBITS sold last year have been tucked away with care. I’ve been feeling self-congratulatory about bringing all those documents to heel.

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My Running Story

Why running is the reward.

I found out that I was a runner the winter when I was 10. The school gym was set up for gymnastics, full of taunting beams and bars that remind you that you’ll never be Nadia Comaneci. Fortunately, the Girls’ After-school Sports Club was more about being in the gym than turning into Olympic athletes, so nobody stopped me when I stopped fooling around on the mats and started running around the perimeter of the gym. It felt good to run. I ran until it was time to go home.

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Running Adventures and All That Goes With Them!

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