Cramming in the Cloud

Flashcards can be super helpful when you want to study for a test, so when I studied for the final exam for Accounting Fundamentals I, an adult education class that I finished recently, I pulled out a pile of index cards and picked up a pen, and—remembered that modern students use Web sites to make index cards. By putting their cards in the cloud, students can share them and use the site software to shuffle through the cards, play games based on the cards, or generate simple tests from the card questions and answers.

I gave it a try on the first Web site that came up in my Google search, Cram. I’ve now used Cram not only to study for Accounting Fundamentals I but also to study for my Road Runner’s Club of America Level 1 Coaching Certificate.

Even though Cram has some annoying ads (they should disappear if you pay for a membership), I like it because the Jewels of Wisdom game that it generates is fun to play. You can even share a link to it with your friends, and they will play the game you made. There’s even a high-score counter.


A downside to Cram is that it has a bug that makes it difficult or impossible to add cards to a card set. I was excited about expanding my RRCA study set to include more questions, so that the game would be even more popular with my friends. Here’s what I got back from Cram last week:


I tried another site today, Quizlet. It seems to work okay, but the games aren’t as fun. I’m holding out hope for a fix from Cram.

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